Significant savings can be made with professional procurement of NPR categories

proQure can help you with procurement advice, guidance and implementation of procurement projects and can carry out procurement in categories for you

We will raise levels of procurement professionalism, supervise the process and streamline procedures and contract management in close collaboration with our customers. We have an experienced team of top procurement professionals and are thus able to realise any potential procurement advantages and make a concrete contribution to improving operating profits by organising your procurement function as effectively as possible.

We achieve genuine added value for our customers and suppliers as a result of the customer groups accumulating increased expertise in NPR categories and the corresponding volumes being offered to the market by proQure.

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Significant savings can be made with professional procurement of NPR categories

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proQure offers services in:

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Media purchasing, print and promotions, photography and agencies

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Temporary personnel, security, cleaning, catering, lease cars

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Why proQure?

You rightly focus on the company’s core business activities. The NPR categories, therefore, are often not getting the attention required in order to achieve the best solutions. This corresponds to a lack of time and expertise within the category and leads to a lack of spending insight, a failure to combine volumes and a less-than-effective purchasing policy. As a result, potential savings are not realised or not realised to their full extent.

Our buying managers are capable of proactively supporting customers and providing supervision in terms of creating and honing the desired purchasing specifications; they can also take co-responsibility for (partially) managing customer contacts and individual supplier relationships. In order to ensure the process runs most effectively, proQure guarantees customer-focussed support when creating and maintaining the very best teamwork with all parties (customer, supplier and proQure).

proQure also offers its purchasing expertise in the form of project management and consultancy for a range of customers who wish to further professionalise their purchasing activities. This could involve the execution of Quick Scans (purchasing-wide or category-specific), the short term realisation of significant savings and/or the accommodation of several purchasing categories within proQure.